Icebreaker questions

Here are some questions you can use to get your students talking. Pick and choose which questions to present to your students depending on their level of English and comfort level; or just throw them all on a power point or sheet of paper and let them go at it! But remember to always let students know that if they don’t feel comfortable talking about something they can skip to another question.


  • Small Talk – Completely random questions, so random in fact, that every student can find at least a couple of questions that will pique their interest.
  • Have you ever… – Questions about students experiences using the present perfect (i.e. have you ever…). Everyone likes talking about themselves and the things that have happened to them! (These questions are also listed under grammar)
  • Comparatives / Superlatives – Questions based on comparatives (i.e. bigger, smaller, more interesting) and superlatives (i.e. the biggest, the smallest, the most interesting). Lots of questions to get students talking about their opinions on many different topics. (These questions are also listed under grammar)