Gerunds and Infinitives


What do you always avoid doing until the last minute?

What are some things you enjoy doing every day? How about every week?

Is there anything you have quit recently?

What do you miss most about your childhood?

What do you often discuss with your friends when you hang out with them?

What is something you are thinking of doing next year?



What is something you plan to do soon?

What is something you started to do, but didn’t finish?

Talk about a recent big decision you made. What did you decide?

Is there anything specific you would like to learn?

What are some of you hopes for the future?

Talk about some difficult choices you have made recently.

What do you want to do this coming break?


Gerunds or Infinitives

What is something you love doing, but don’t have enough time for?

Is there anything you have begun recently?

What type of personality traits do you hate?

What do you like to do on the weekend?

What is something you can’t stand doing?

Remembering to do things is sometimes hard. What is something you have a hard time remembering?

What is something crazy you would like to try?